Film Consultation Rates

Please select the film consultation service level you'd like to purchase. Upgrade any verbal notes package to include written notes by selecting the "Add-on" service. For custom packages or referral discounts, please visit the "Contact Us" page and email FemmeMaker.

Add-on - Pilot or Written Notes TFaddon $100.00

Upgrade any Level 2-4 spec teleplay consultation to develop a pilot teleplay, or add written notes to any consultation.

Film - Level 1 FL1 $450.00

Includes a face-to-face meeting to offer guidance on creating your development package (outline, synopsis, treatment), and written notes on completed materials.

Film - Level 2 FL2 $650.00

Includes one read of a screenplay, and coverage assessment, as well as verbal notes on suggested next steps for rewrite (additional $100 for written notes).

Film - Level 3 FL3 $1,000.00

Includes development package and one read of a first-draft screenplay or rewrite, with verbal notes on suggested next steps for next draft (additional $100 for written notes).

Film - Level 4 FL4 $1,650.00

Includes development package and two reads, i.e. first draft screenplay and rewrite. Three face-to-face meetings will provide two sessions of verbal notes, and one review of written notes.